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The perfect choice for professional or amateur artists wishing to use a genuine traditional gesso panel! With our gesso panels you paint on
a traditional gesso ground made from:

gelatine glue,

superfine calcium carbonate,

combined with titanium dioxide,

applied to a Masonite board!

These materials create a smooth flat painting surface, perfect for oil, tempera and acrylic.
Other products on the market that go by the name of gesso provide a synthetic painting surface.
As a discerning artist, you will have no doubt that the synthetic product fails to produce the high-quality results achieved by painting in oil on the genuine Ridgeman gesso panel.


Why use a genuine Ridgeman gesso panel instead of canvas?
The smooth flat surface of the panel allows for
a range of techniques and freedom, difficult to achieve on canvas!

Whether you use a heavy direct application of paint or sensitive fine line work, washes or glazes, you will be delighted with the key grip and absorption characteristics of our panels.


Ridgeman Gesso Panels are archival quality with a neutral ph factor of 6.5. The Archival nature of our panels is achieved by our careful selection of the highest grade natural materials.

At Ridgeman we have developed a modern manufacturing technique, based on the centuries-old hot glue gesso methods, used by celebrated master artists of the 15th and 16th centuries.

In this way we achieve a stable, bright white, fine-grained surface that has exceptional painting qualities.

To prove it to yourself email us for details on how to get a sample of the gesso panel and for further details.